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Ep. 8: Psychosis

Psychosis and the vulnerability of young black men in the UK are at the heart of this mother's story.

34 min
Ep. 7: Adoption Story

A couple who adopted a very damaged young boy talk about the daily trauma of keeping him safe.

33 min
Ep. 6: Imprisonment

Clare and Peter's son is a violent and criminal drug addict, now in a US prison, who has torn their family apart for the last two decades.

34 min
Ep. 5: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Two sisters describe living with their mother's Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; looking after her since they were small children.

36 min
Ep. 4: Ketamine Addiction

A mother and grandmother describe the devastating effects of ketamine addiction on their family.

30 min
Ep. 3: Anorexia

Two doctors talk about their daughter's anorexia, which threw their family into chaos.

35 min
Ep. 2: Alcoholism

Tanya grew up with an alcoholic mother, she went onto marry an abusive and alcoholic partner.

31 min
Ep. 1: Heroin Addiction

Joanna, an ex-addict herself, tried everything she could to stop her son's fatal addiction to heroin.

32 min

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