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Tidings and Transgressions

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Ep. 18 Murdaugh Family Conclusion

We are back! The conclusion to the Murdaugh Family murders is done. This family is really something else, listen in as Kate and James go through the rest of the dumpster fire that is this family

1 hr 4 min
Ep. 17 Murdaugh Family Part 1
In our very first two part episode you get James leading off with Tidings and then Kate goes into the background and unusual events surrounding the infamous Murdaugh Family
56 min
Episode 16 - The Peli Family Massacre
In their return from a break Kate and James talk about the Peli Family and the mysterious circumstances surrounding the murder of 4 members of the family
1 hr 0 min
Ep. 15 Arpana Jinaga deserves Justice

In this episode Kate tells James the story behind the grisly murder of Arpana Jinaga and the trial of Emanuel Fair

1 hr 1 min
Ep. 14 Kai Goes to Hollywood
55 min
Ep. 13 Mary Morris and Mary Morris

In this episode Kate and James dig into the murders of two woman, both named Mary Morris and the possible relation between them.

58 min
Ep. 12 Bryce is Missing

In this week's episode Kate and James talk about the strange disappearance of Bryce Laspisa and the latest news

1 hr 2 min
Ep. 11 Ride The Lightning... Round

In this Episode Kate and James welcome the new year with a slight change talking about 4 different shorter true crimes stories along with working through some technical difficulties

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47 min
Ep. 10 Ammityville Horror
59 min

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Format Hörbuch
Version Originalaufnahme
Sprache Englisch


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