Is it completely waterproof? Can it feel in the water and still protect what is inside?

fragte am 12. Juni 2021

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I have never submerged mine completely and it's not sealed against water. It's more water resistant like for rain. Mine has been caught in heavy rain and contents remained dry but if you are looking for a type of dry bag to use for water sports this is not for that purpose.
Kathy J
· 12. Juni 2021
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Yes it is 100% waterproof. I used it on a very rainy day in the zoo. Had passport and other stuff in the bag but nothing got wet. Would definitely recommend it hands down.
Priscilla Axiaq
· 14. Juni 2021
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I didn’t test it in the water, but it doesn’t look like it’s totally waterproof. More like it can stand moderate rain without content of the bag getting wet.
· 12. Juni 2021
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