Kundenrezension aus Deutschland 🇩🇪 am 20. Juni 2022
I bought these for myself and my partner with the intention of wearing them to concerts, festivals, etc. I also bought mutes. They look great, are comfortable, and do well as protection. But although the attenuation is supposed to be flat, at a 100+ dB concert setting, they got very muddy even after taking out the mutes.

+ Pretty comfortable — no discomfort through the whole concert. Feel like earbuds, and wearable for hours at a time.
+ Stylish! (Mine are white/gold, his are silver/black)
+ I do highly recommend if intended for everyday noise reduction, studying, even sleeping, where audio quality isn’t important
+ I wore them throughout the concert in spite of the mediocre sound quality because they did do a good job of protecting from sound. Afterwards my ears did not ring at all. Half the time was with mutes, the other half without.
- They were unfortunately rather muddy at 100+ dB. I think the bass at that level was so strong that they were vibrating and most of what I could hear was low-end mud. If I held them down (like fingers-in-ears), the highs were fairly clear again.
- I also did make sure to use the correct fit of eartips and tried adjusting the positioning
~ The sound quality was slightly better without mutes (could hear more highs)
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