Kundenrezension aus Deutschland 🇩🇪 am 20. Februar 2023
I'm not normally someone who uses in-ear headphones. Silicone earplugs just don't fit in my ear. When I read the features of this product, I decided to give it a shot. There are different sizes of silicone plugs inside and one of them fits perfectly in my ear. Therefore I am very happy.

I bought this earphone for both listening to music while walking and talking on the phone. Provides both above average.

The sound quality is not bad, but if you want to listen to high quality music and hear all the sounds very well, these headphones will not give you that. You can still enjoy listening to music or podcasts, and you can clearly hear the voice while talking on the phone.

The microphone isn't bad. It transmits your voice well to the other side, but picks up a lot of outside noise. If there is heavy traffic around you or if you are talking in windy weather, there will be difficulties for other side hearing you.

Easy to connect via bluetooth. The charge also lasts a long time. Sometimes the single earbud turns off but reconnects when you put it in the box and take it out again. This product has no ANC.
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