Kundenrezension aus Deutschland 🇩🇪 am 22. Mai 2020
Ugh, this book leaves me split in two. It had everything I like to read in books in terms of content, twists, ideas, magic, beings, characters and relationship structures. And I was really good at it until halfway through. The writing style is also fluent. But then something just happened, which unfortunately many authors do: It all happens too fast, too soon and too superficially. Almost all the ammunition is fired at the beginning and I was very annoyed about that. Because if she had taken her time, created depth in the characters, added suspense and twists and breathed a little more colour into the whole thing, it would have been a great story. However, this way she scratches the surface and stays behind in the mainstream under the category of books that may have been nice, but you also don't have to read them. So bad, because the potential was there! I'll probably read volume two anyway, hoping that the author has improved, but I'm afraid I'll have to lower my expectations to enjoy the book.
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