Kundenrezension aus Deutschland 🇩🇪 am 21. Juni 2021
I really wanted to like the movie, but i sadly couldn't, It was not pleasant at all to watch it and more than one time I wanted to quit. The premise of the movie is nothing new, but i thought it could be fun and romantic.
But it was boring and hard to watch. The main character is not only an extreme prude, her character development is bad at best. the whole love story feels pressured, the actors dont really work for me together and everything was just flat.
My biggest problem was that even for a 'Prude and innocent' started character and plot, this was embarassing. The main character behaves like an idiot most of the time, she is extremely unfair towards a lot of people and all the effort of the regisseur to make her 'loveable and quirky' makes it worse. She only is annoying.

Maybe some people like these type of movie, and normally I am one of them. I love these 1000 times done, flat but cute romance movies, but this one just wasn't it.
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