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I first liked them, but then hated them and sent back. I don’t know if this is the quality of the product or if I was just unlucky. Well, here is my review.

My apple headphones broke so I was looking for something that I could do free-hand call and listen to music on the bike while still being able to pick ip on traffic sounds. Bluetooth In-ears it’s gonna be. For quality sound experience I already had over-ear headset of Sony, so I didn’t want to spend too much money on wireless in-ears either. Another requirement I had was, that it had to be really small and comfy. I have rather small ears and most in-ears are really uncomfortable for me or simply drop out of my ears. After a bit of research I came across the Soundcore Life P2 mini by Anker. It seemed to fit my requirements.

The Soundcore Life P2 mini in pink came in with changeable silicone in-ears pads of different sizes, manual, charging cable and of course the case with the ear-set.
The case made a sturdy impression, I was really impressed by it. It felt light enough to not be bothering in pockets but not too light to feel flimsy. The lid closes magnetically and the opening and closing felt really smooth. I was surprised by the way the lid opened so smoothly, without “swinging” and it gave me the feeling that this case won’t just randomly open.
All the items had this gorgeous soft pastel cherry blossom pink. Really beautiful.
To pair it with a device, you had to press a button till the lights start blinking one by one. That was a little tricky but once paired, the Bluetooth connection was really good. Switching the connection between different devices also went very smoothly, with no odd mix-mashes, which quite surprised me.
In terms of wearing comfort, the ear-set was lacking. Even changed to the smallest silicones, it would still feel uncomfortable after a while and even start hurting when wearing for longer periods of time.
The sound gave a good impression initially, considering the price. Voices in phone calls were clear and sharp, sound from streaming was good and playing games also went well. What was most important to me was it’s performance in traffic. While on the bike in the city I was able to listen pretty decently to music and do phone calls. People on the other line were also able to hear me clearly. All the while I was still able to hear the traffic.
So I was initially quite impressed and happy with my purchase of such good in-ears, I was willing to overlook the comfort issue.
However, when I started a serious committed music test, I was beyond disappointed. In terms of sound, the high tones were rather clear, a little on the sharp side, the mid and base-tones were poor and the bass was hollow. It performed ok with pop-music, did poorly with tech and rock music and was horrendous with traditional music. Especially with traditional wood instruments, the sound was completely butchered. However, I had been shocked the most with the performance of orchestra music. While the high strings were good, mid-tones were of course lacking, but at parts where the entire orchestra picked up, the sound of the mids became distorted and chipped, as if something was wrong with the cable (like, which cable, please?!). I tested this out with different devices, while it changed here and there the horrendous performance stayed similar. At this point I gave up, because the music I enjoy the most is with acoustics, traditional instruments or orchestras. I also had the feeling that the equaliser was working on random…? But since you can’t see which of the three profiles you are on, I can’t say too much about it. It might be equaliser issues, touch function issues, or just performance issues.
Of course you can’t expect hifi quality with this price, but at least, but at least ok sound and reliable performance. I didn’t know if this was bad luck and production mistake or just poor quality. I didn’t feel like staying to figure it out, so I ordered some in-ears by JBL for 10€ more, which offer more comfort, more software options and so much more sound quality.

Because I was in love with the colour and quality of the case, and the delivery, return, refund went swift and smoothly, I’m giving three stars.
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