Kundenrezension aus Deutschland 🇩🇪 am 6. Dezember 2021
Installed the 2m version on my bedroom to better illuminate the wardrobe. Works really good! I installed it to the ceiling with aluminium profiles. You have to take care about the width (~14mm), so most of the profiles would be too narrow (the one I chose also works with Philips Hue). Since it fits really nicely in the profile, I didn't need to use a double-sided tape, so no complaints there! I removed the plastic cap at the end to fit inside the profile, which was added for IP protection but I don't need that. It's very easily removable.

Overall very satisfied with the purchase, I would recommend! I will buy again to install on other rooms.

Regarding some of the comments in the reviews:
- The total length includes ~2cm inside the beginning of the cable assembly, some LEDs are behind the cable holder cap. This of course isn't ideal; since the cable bit doesn't fit inside the aluminium profile, you end up short on the other end, but it's barely noticeable so I don't mind.
- I had no issues with heat, the product doesn't get too hot, easily holdable by hand after 2 hours of continuous operation. So I don't know if the people that had issues mistakenly turned it on in wrapped state, because it's clearly stated not to do that.
- I can confirm that the light can stay slightly on even after you remove the cable. I suspect this comes from the noise cancellation bit between the light and the switch. It goes away when you plug it in the other-way round, so be sure to check it before installation.
- Again, since I didn't need to use the double-sided tape, I don't complain it doesn't come with the light. They are quite cheap and the back of the strip is quite flat for 10mm wide tape.
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